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The FreeJump Soft Up Classic combines the comfort and technology of the FreeJump single branch stirrups with the classicism of a traditional straight eyed stirrup.

The Soft Up Classic is the result of a collaboration with Pénélope Leprevost and the Italian designer Pininfarina and features slightly reduced dimensions to suit women. The Soft Up Classic has a straight eye which compliments the physiology and pelvic angle of women. They are designed to fit footwear up to a size EU43 (AUS 11).

The Soft Up Classic features increased safety in its soft Elastollan® outer branch which is designed to facilitate foot release in the event of a fall.

FreeJump has combined many years of experience and Research & Design in the field of single-branch stirrups to produce a stirrup which holds up to rigours of high performance. The Soft Up Classic is a product of this research.

Single branch technology reduces the strain on each stirrup by two-thirds and reduces strain on the riders joints and the horses back.  The centre of gravity has also been shifted forward to assist the rider in dropping their heel therefore increasing the stability of the leg.

FreeJump caliper treads offer a superior grip and are integrated with carbon fibre to guarantee unparalleled durability. Steel studs are included to increase the grip, however, these are able to be removed if desired.

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