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The Venice is the double counterpart of the Malibu bridle. The Venice is a stunning double bridle featuring rolled leather and an anatomically shaped crank noseband. It has a unique anatomical headpiece which had been specifically designed to complement the horse's anatomy to improve the horses' comfort and performance. The headpiece reduces the pressure in the sensitive areas of the horses' head including the cheekbone, poll and neck, while at the same time providing freedom of movement for the horses' ears. The comfort of the horse has been proritised and maximised. 


Bridle Features: 

  • Anatomically shaped double bridle
  • Elegant rolled leather 
  • Curved browband with large crystals
  • Cheek pieces with hook and stud closures
  • Throatlash adjustable on both sides
  • Headpiece specifically developed to minimise the pressure on the horses' neck and muscles and allows more freedom for ear movement 
  • Extra comfort provided by the shape of the anatomic noseband with tapered zones at the cheekbones and bit rings avoid pinching effect.
  • Anatomically shaped crank noseband with soft padded leather
  • Available in black, black/patent, black/patent/white and espresso. 
  • Reins not included
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