We often get asked, ‘how long will my boots last?”  Both Tonics and DeNiro boots are designed to endure reasonable wear and tear associated with regular use and will last longer if they are maintained and cared for.

Whilst there are distinctive differences between Tonics and DeNiro boots, both brands offer high quality leather boots. Care and maintenance for both are the same, with the exception of DeNiro boots in brushed and patent leather.


Leather Care

  • Clean boots regularly – at least, Use a moist cloth and thoroughly remove dirt and residue. Allow the boots to dry. Apply a small amount of leather balsam or nourishing crème in small circular motions, to reinvigorate the leather.  Allow 10-15 minutes to absorb and then buff lightly.
  • Both DeNiro and Schockemöhle Sports (Tonics) offer excellent leather-care products. We also use and recommend Collonill Waterstop Colour Crème which nourishes and colours the leather. We usually carry a selection of all.
  • Brushed leather boots require extra care. Follow the same process as above but only use DeNiro’s brushed leather boot gel or Collonil’s Lack Mousse Classic and Lack Polish for patent leather.  Once the gel or mousse has been absorbed, polish with a soft cloth.
  • If boots become damp or wet, allow to air dry. Do not place in front of radiant heat. 

Zipper Care

  • Take care when doing the zip up. Ensure the zip is fully undone when inserting your foot into the boot.   Place a second finger inside the zip and guide the zip upwards.
  • When removing the boot, ensure that the zip is fully undone.
  • To maintain zip functionality, remove dirt & dust from the zipper teeth with a soft brush on a regular basis. An occasional light rub of zip spray along the zipper teeth will keep the zip working well.

Boot storage

  • Store your boots in a dry place and away from heat sources. Do not leave boots in a vehicle during hot weather.
  • After riding, and when boots are damp inside, allow to air dry. Once dry, insert inflatable boot fillers.
  • Place boots inside a boot bag, or lay flat in their box. Both Tonics and DeNiro have excellent quality boot bags with individual compartments and which provide good ventilation.  We usually carry both styles in stock.

If you have any queries about the above, feel free to contact the Chaballo Team.