We range Tonics and DeNiro brands of footwear only and know both brands well.  Our team is experienced, and wear and ride different styles of boots in both Tonics and DeNiro.  We have many repeat customers and new customers often come to us on referral and recommendation of others.

We offer a specialised service by appointment for DeNiro boot fittings and customisation (both virtual and instore). 

Below are just some considerations when deciding on what is likely to be the best boot for you:

  • Boots should be fit for purpose.
    • Are the boots intended for dressage, eventing, showjumping, show horse, pony club, general purpose? Do you want them for training, competition or both?  If for competition, are the boots competition legal?
  • Boot styles
    • Different styles of boots have different characteristics i.e. narrower or wider foot and ankle area, softer & stiffer leather, zips positioned at front, side & back, and the list goes on. You may like the look of a particular style of boot, but does it accommodate or suit your foot and leg shape, or if you have a high instep?
  • Measurements
    • Standard size charts typically list foot size and height & calf width measurements only. Measurements shown in these charts are a guide only. A lower leg measurement is not included in the size chart and the lower leg will often have bearing on whether an “off the shelf” boot is likely to fit or not.
    • Measuring height should be different for dressage boots in comparison to showjumping boots. If intending to use the boots for both, an allowance should be made.
  • Off the shelf or custom fit boots?
    • Tonics are an “off the shelf “boot. They offer a good range of sizes, but if their measurements do not accommodate your size then you need to consider another brand. 
    • DeNiro offer an extensive size range. If your measurements fall outside their standard size range, or you have special requirements  (i.e. accommodating wide feet, bunions, broken bones, nerve sensitivity etc), DeNiro are able to fully customise boots to meet requirements.
  • Customisation
    • Customisation comes at a price, but can produce great results. DeNiro offers extensive custom options with size, design, leathers, and detailing.  The choices can be overwhelming.
The Chaballo team can assist with simplifying the process and making the decision making less daunting.