Have you just bought yourself one of our bridles and want to know to make it last as long as possible? The best way to get a long life from your leather is to care for it properly!

Here are some tips for maintaining and care of the leather from both the Schockemohle Sports team and our own staff who use these bridles themselves:

In terms of everyday care, use a damp sponge to clean away the sweat, salt, and dust from general work. Then every few weeks, when you need to clean the bridle use a bees’ wax product or lotion. This will nourish the leather without softening it, don’t ever use oil with these bridles as the leather is already very soft and a high-grade quality. Oiling it will cause it to become too soft and reduce the lifespan of the bridle.

Another important aspect of the bridle is not to tighten it too tightly, you should be able to fit at least 1 to 2 fingers between the noseband when buckled up. Any tighter, and you will find over time, due to the softness of the leather, the tension can result in stretching.  

If there is anything you are unsure of about the care and fit of your bridle, please do not hesitate to give the store a call :)