Whether you are after quality ‘fit for purpose’ boots, customised competition boots or boots that simply fit, our experienced team are happy to advise on styles, options and customisation choices.

You can make an appointment for a personalised boot consultation.  We offer both in-store and virtual appointments.


We take our time and offer a personalised consultation service.  We will obtain information from you and take detailed measurements, and then provide advice on options with brands and styles.


De Niro

The Italian brand of DeNiro offers premium quality hand crafted leather boots for riders of all disciplines, including recreational riders.  All styles can be customised if required.  So, if you can’t find an off the shelf boot that fits, or you are after a beautifully styled competition boot, we can assist you with De Niro.

We carry a number of styles of standard and customised boots in-store.


The German brand of Tonics offers a quality range of ‘off the shelf’ leather tall boots and short boots that afford excellent value.

We carry 4 styles of tall boots and 2 styles of short boots.