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The Soft Up Pro+ is made in France and has a 27% wider foot bed which, combined with the absorption capacity of spring steel, provides an exceptional foot strike.

FreeJump has combined many years of experience and Research & Design in the field of single-branch stirrups to produce a stirrup with exceptional mechanical strength (1200MPA). The Soft Up Pro+ is the product of this research and is made from steel which has been developed to withstand the high levels of stress that stirrups are put under.

The Soft Up Pro+ are moulded in Elastollan® with the flexible outer branch helping to free the foot in case of a fall. The technology of the single branch divides the pressure put onto the stirrup and relieves the joints of the rider and the back of the horse.

FreeJump caliper treads offer a superior grip and are integrated with carbon fibre to guarantee unparalleled durability. Steel studs are included to increase the grip, however, these are able to be removed if desired.

The centre of gravity has been shifted to allow the Soft Up Pro+ to hang with a natural inclination and help the rider achieve a more stable leg position. The eye is angled at 45o which results in extra comfort as it helps to follow the natural swing of the leg.

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