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The FreeJump Air’S stirrups are constructed out of a stainless-steel frame with a traditional architecture. With technical characteristics which offer more comfort, better balance and an optimised grip, they are an excellent option for riders looking to get the most out of their stirrups.

The FreeJump Air’S stirrups have been designed to optimise rider comfort and performance. They offer shock absorption through the inclusion of both an elastomer and a mechanical system which allows for true shock absorption.

The stirrup eye has been positioned forward in relation to the foot bed which assists in the rider dropping their heel, therefore increasing stability through the leg.

FreeJump caliper treads offer a superior grip and are integrated with carbon fibre to guarantee unparalleled durability. Steel studs are included to increase the grip, however, these are able to be removed if desired.

The Air’S stirrups come with variations in the angle of the eye (30o oriented or straight) and the inclination of the tread (10o or flat).

The top banner is made of polyamide and is designed to unclip under strong pressure to facilitate the release of the foot.

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