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  • Flex-on's latest stirrup design 
  • Features all the benefits of the existing Flex-on models but with an added safety element
  • The outer branch of these stirrups releases for safety
  • Made from an environmentally sourced polyamide
  • Contains a flexible steel re-inforcement
  • Easy to maintain and clean, just use water 
  • Unique shock-absorbing system
  • Inclined or mixed (flat & inclined) footrests available to enhance the natural 'heels down' position
  • Supports increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg
  • Ultra Grip footrest made from moulded POM, with crimped pins made of hardened steel
  • Customisable in a range of colours
How it works: A flexible and retractable arm on the outer side helps to reduce the risk of injury; if you fall from your horse, this arm 'breaks' away to prevent your foot from being stuck in the stirrup. The retractable arm can then be easily screwed back into place
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