The Top 5 Tips to Help your Horse through New Year's Eve

We want you and your horse to have a joyful and happy time during New Year’s Eve 2017, so we thought we bring you a few helpful tips to make the final night of the year a safe and smooth experience.

These have been put together by German St. GEORG magazine and translated by us.

Happy New Year from Chaballo!!!


5 Tips to help your horse through the fireworks and ensure a quiet New Year’s Eve
1. Light & Dark

Close all windows and doors during the night. If possible try and blacken the windows with cardboard from the outside or inside. Horses will be less likely to be frightened by the lights of the fireworks explosions. However, do leave the lights on inside the stable as this will reduce fear in horses.

2. Music

It is said that music can have a calming effect, classical tunes in particular. Try playing a little music in the stables during the night, it will distract from the noise of the fireworks.

3. Food for Thought

Just like we reach for chocolate when our stress levels reach new heights, horses like to munch on something when stressed too. Provide plenty of hay and rough food to last the night.

4. Young and Old

Young or sensitive horses should be stabled with or put close to a quiet horse that is known to not  be troubled by fireworks. If the majority of horses remain calm, so will the flighty others.

5. Natural Therapy

Before you reach for a sedative supplied by the vet, try some herbal rescue remedy first. It might be enough to do the trick.