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Schockemöhle Sports Equitus Series

August 06, 2017

Schockemöhle Sports Equitus Series

Are you ready for a revolution in bridle design?

Schockemöhle Sports is setting new standards in anatomic bridle design with the EQUITUS bridle series. A radical re-think of the common bridle design resulted in the development of a bridle that offers maximum comfort.

The special design and angle of the noseband and cheekstraps, the re-positioning of the flash noseband, together with the softly padded, anatomically shaped headpiece and extra wide curved browband, bypass the horse’s main facial nerves. The design allows for unrestricted breathing and avoids pinching in the eye and ear area.


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The EQUITUS series of bridles are made of premium quality, soft leather. Perfect for daily training and elegant and stylish enough for competition. Thanks to the button rivets on the cheekstraps the bridle can be fitted easily to suit each horse; the buckles allow for a quick bit change.

Good to know: The EQUITUS ALPHA is FEI competition approved.

After trialling the first model, EQUITUS ALPHA ourselves, we knew the bridle was good, but the feedback from our customers has been amazing.

Sarah Clark (professional eventer): “I have been so impressed with the Equitus Alpha bridle! I felt my horse to be softer and lighter in the contact, more stable in his frame and self-carriage, and therefore more balanced in his paces.

He is a strong, yet sensitive type, and could be resistant and fussy in the mouth. I honestly did not expect to feel such an immediate and remarkable improvement in the horse. From the first ride he was softer, lighter, more balanced and stable in the contact, and generally so much more settled in his work.

His dressage scores were not bad to start with (around 69%), but a week after switching to the Equitus Alpha bridle his scores soared to 75%!  

I strongly believe the anatomical design gives him greater comfort, makes him happier and more receptive to the aids. I feel I’m able to be subtle as a rider and know he can hear my directions loud and clear.

I am very keen to try my young horses (breakers, 3 and 4-year-olds) in the Equitus Alpha bridle.”

Linda Fry (dressage rider): “So over the moon with this bridle on my dressage pony. She was so hostile when I went to put the bridle on, thinking it is her normal bridle. Then once fitted, we had the best ride ever. No head shaking or leaning on my hands, no rearing or bucking from aggravation of the bridle — just soft, happy and free-flowing. Huge change. From this first ride I give it 5 stars!”

The positive response to this bridle has been overwhelming. After selling out quickly we have just received another shipment of the EQUITUS ALPHA, in colours black & espresso brown, in sizes Cob and Full.

For a limited time only, and while stocks last, we offer a 28-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the purchase of the EQUITUS ALPHA. * Terms & conditions apply

Not sure if the EQUITUS will work for your horse? Then feel free to call us. We are happy to answer any queries about the fit, sizing, unique design and benefits.

Phone +61 8 8388 4812 or email

“It’s not a magic bullet but you could certainly pick up the difference in the behaviour.” Chaballo customer


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