The no-regrets performance breeches for men

When Chaballo take on a new equestrian brand we like to do so knowing that our customers can rely on the quality and performance of the horse or rider wear. Very often we try and test the products ourselves before they end up in our store. Such is the case with the Laguso men's breeches, which have been put through their paces by Chaballo team member Dale Flynn over the last 12 months. Here's his test review:

"I first started riding in the LAGUSO HENRY BREECHES in September last year and they have quickly become my go-to pair for everyday training and coaching. Some of the key benefits of the Laguso breeches in comparison to other brands I have been using include, 

Longevity: The Henry Breeches have not been affected by the general wear and tear that goes with riding several horses every day and spending countless hours teaching outside. They still look as good as new! The stitching has not come undone or loosened up, not even around the knee area, which is generally the first part to break with my other breeches. There has been no deterioration or stripping of the silicone grip patches either, which again, is generally one of the first areas that tends show signs of wear and tear.

Material: The fabric feels very comfortable, but what is not obvious at first is how advanced and functional the material really is. When I first started wearing them we were coming into the summer season, during which South Australia received its fair share of 35-40 degree days. The Laguso men's breeches were the coolest set to ride in. Even when the weather became exceptionally hot, my feel in the saddle didn’t change.

Versatility: We are now approaching the end of winter, and interestingly enough, the exact same pair of Laguso breeches have also been my warmest and comfiest set all winter, even on those brisk mornings in the Adelaide Hills.

It is only after testing these breeches in a variety of different conditions that you appreciate how technical the fabric really is. They don't just look the part, these breeches deliver on performance too.

Ease of Care: My Laguso Henry breeches have now been washed about 30 times or more, but still look practically new and their feel on the skin has not changed. I wash them on a gentle cycle with a quality detergent and there has been no change in fit, no fading or loss of colour. All stains have come out easily. It's a big plus from me. 


Would you like to know more about Laguso or try the breeches for yourself? View the collection here or contact us directly.