Discover Dubarry of Ireland!

Discover Dubarry of Ireland!


Dubarry’s products are designed by their innovative and creative in-house team based in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Designers combine traditional and cutting-edge materials and product technologies to create functional, and long lasting apparel and footwear.

Dubarry was the first brand worldwide to obtain a GORE-TEX® licence which was utilised in the manufacture of the Galway Country Boot. This design has proven to be long lasting and effective and remains largely unchanged to this day.

Over 60 years after establishing their brand, Dubarry created a pop up store to demonstrate the benefits of their country boot to their customers. The famous Dubarry ‘Man-in-a-Bucket’ was unveiled to showcase the waterproof design of the Galway Country Boot at Syon Park West London in 2000, with great success!


Dubarry Tweed

Dubarry Tweeds are enhanced with Teflon® fabric protector, which provides durable, long-lasting protection against oil- and water-based stains, dust and dirt. Fabrics enhanced with Teflon® stay looking newer longer, and are easier to care for. The treatment never does not impact on the look, feel, colour or breathability of the fabric.



GORE-TEX lining is a high-performance technology used in many Dubarry products. The GORE-TEX membrane lines the interior of the boots and is waterproof and breathable. This membrane contains microscopic pores that are too small for water molecules to pass through, yet large enough for sweat vapour to escape. This feature keeps your feet dry from both rain and sweat, while also preventing discomfort caused by moisture build-up.

The benefits of GORE-TEX technology in country boots are twofold. First, it keeps your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions whilst maintaining an optimal temperature. Second, it allows your feet to breathe, preventing excess heat and sweat accumulation.


Product Spotlight – Country Boots

Designed with decades of technical expertise, Dubarry’s range of country boots are ready to accompany you wherever your adventure may lead.

The iconic Galway boot is the original waterproof leather country boot and was inspired by Ireland’s elements. Warm, waterproof, and breathable, the Galway country boot is made with DryFast-DrySoft™ leather and lined with GORE-TEX technology. They also feature comfortable and shock-absorbing soles, making them ideal for crossing rough and wet terrain. 

The knee-high Galway boot has been adapted for everyone and can be ordered in the ExtraFit to suit a wider calf and Slim Fit for those with a narrower calf.

Dubarry also offers the Sligo leather country boot with a side zip for easy fitting. Typically best suited for those with a slimmer calf, the Sligo boots are warm, waterproof, and breathable. Made with DryFast-DrySoft™ leather and lined with GORE-TEX, they have strongly bonded soles making them comfortable and shock absorbing, ideal for crossing rough and wet terrain. 


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