Buying Guide: Which Tonics top boots are for me?

In 2014 I attended Equitana for the first time. I was 16 and absolutely in love with dressage. As I was watching the Grand Prix Freestyle on the Saturday night, I remember desperately wanting a set of beautiful shiny top boots. However, finding a set of beautiful shiny top boots that are comfortable enough to walk around in all day and also completely effective when you ride is a difficult mission to undertake.

I found that top boots are a very personal item and I struggled for a long time to find a pair of boots that were elegant enough for dressage, yet comfortable enough to wear all day.

When I first came across the Tonics brand, the JUPITER boots were the only boots they made at that time. While I had reservations about the laces at the front of the boot, I loved the shape of the ankle and the clever idea of having the zip on the outside of the boot. When I first tried them on, it was like the boots were made for me. There was absolutely no ‘breaking in’ required (something that I was dreading). I bought the boots and took them straight home to ride in that day. I couldn’t believe how perfect they were.

A year later, Tonics released the SPECTRUM boots and they seriously had my interest. Although I have nothing against the laces on the Jupiter boots, I prefer my competition boots to have no laces, but still wanted them to be as comfortable as the Jupiter boots.

The Spectrum boots are not as shaped at the ankle, which meant I went down a calf size for a sleeker fit as these were to be my new competition boots.

I found that the Spectrum boots did take a small amount of ‘breaking in’ before I was able to ride in them. I walked around the house for approximately 30 minutes for three days and then they were perfect for me to ride in.

I ride in the Jupiter boots at home and they wear really well. I wear them all day, every day and can very easily forget that I have them on! I keep the Spectrum as my competition boots. They are beautiful, sleek and elegant boots that allow me to effectively use my leg in competition.

Both styles are sleek and elegant enough to be serious competition boots. When it comes to laces or no laces, it is down to your personal preference. I’d be happy to compete in either style, as I find them both comfortable enough to wear all day with a touch of the elegance required for competition.

Mary Nitschke