Why the Miss Shield is quickly becoming the most popular helmet for Female Riders

We must be the most courageously insane people on the planet for riding horses! With equestrian being one of the most dangerous sports in the world we have to do our best to protect ourselves — most importantly, our beautiful faces (I mean heads…).

I started riding horses when I was about 5 years old and it was always imperative that I wore a helmet, whether it was at a riding school or on friends’ horses. Over the past 14 years standards and regulations surrounding head safety in equestrian sports have improved greatly. As a child I also did motocross, which again required wearing a helmet. Although motocross helmets are full head and face, they were the most comfortable helmet! Especially compared to the cruddy, old, white horse riding helmet I wore as a kid (the one most of us have worn at some point in our lives).

Then I discovered the MISS SHIELD helmet by Samshield. It was like riding with a pillow strapped to my head. It is the most breathable and comfortable helmet I have ever worn and fitted my head shape perfectly.

I was always really conscious of how I looked in hats, so you can imagine what I thought about having to wear an ugly looking helmet. I spent a long time trying on all sorts of helmets, because they all vary in shapes, sizes and colours, even textures. I knew I wanted something simple and elegant. I had already ridden in my friend’s Samshield and knew they were incredibly comfortable. Many people prefer the normal Samshield style, but I just didn't like the look of them on me. Yet, with the Miss Shield on I just felt complete from the tip of the visor to the heel of my boots.

It’s such a personal preference what we wear, and that includes helmets. I absolutely love that the Miss Shield has a lengthened visor and comes out slightly wider on the side of my head. Many people have told me it looks funny but the jokes are on them because I can still see when I’m riding in the sun; they don’t…

I went hunting on one of the most horrendous days last year. We had everything from sunshine to hail the size of golf balls. In that moment I tucked my head under and thought, ‘a helmet with a broader rim would be perfect right about now’.

I have a bad habit of wearing it even when I’m not riding. It’s so comfortable and its like wearing a hat! Keeps the sun out of my eyes and I don't get hot. It offers a great amount of airflow, so riding through summer with a helmet that gives your head the ability to breathe is amazing — besides the fact that my head and hair are far less sweaty and gross.

I don't think I could’ve found a better fit for me. I love the look, it fits perfectly, I don't sweat nearly as much, and I feel really safe when I wear it, especially when facing things on cross country or a hunt that terrify me!

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Below: Darcee Hage and her Miss Shield by Samshield