Spring clean your leather products and boots

We often get asked how to best care for your Tonics footwear or Schockemöhle Sports bridles. All styles of Tonics boots and Schockemöhle Sports products are made to a quality standard and can be expected to endure reasonable wear and tear from daily use. You can prolong their life span and good looks with some maintenance and care.

Recommended care instructions for footwear & chaps

At least weekly give your boots a thorough clean with a moist cloth to remove all dirt and other residue. Do not use saddle soap for this type of fine leather.

For extra care just apply a little bit of leather balm or a good quality shoe polish to refresh the colour if required.

If the boots get wet, dry at room temperature only. Keep the leather away from excessive heat sources such as a heater or fireplace.

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Recommended care instructions for bridles & tack

After each use, wipe off any sweat or residue with a moist cloth or sponge. A flannel or dishcloth works well, but make sure you squeeze out any excess moisture.

Be mindful with the amount of saddle soap. This might soften or stretch the leather unnecessarily. Leather grease and especially leather oil provide rich care. However, they can also soak and unintentionally lengthen the leather. Therefore we advise not to use leather oils for Schockemöhle Sports products.

Schockemöhle Sports Leather Lotion is ideal for bridles, reins and breastplates. It is moisturising, but at the same time not too greasy. If applied occasionally, it can also be used for girths after cleaning.

Tip: It is better to give your bridle a quick clean every time after use, but if you don't have time, a thorough clean once a week should be sufficient.

Recommended care instructions for browbands with bling & Swarovski® crystals

To maintain their brilliance these browbands require care and attention. Crystal browbands should not be bent or stretched beyond their original shape as this could permanently damage the crystal chains or cause the loss of individual stones.

Classic leather care products for bridles can coat the crystals with a film that is hard to remove and may tarnish their shiny appearance. Use a soft cloth, like the type used for cleaning screens or glasses. Small paintbrushes or soft toothbrushes are also ideal tools for cleaning narrow gaps.

Water does not damage the crystals – lukewarm water and a mild soap can therefore be used for the cleaning of persistent dirt. However, longterm exposure to water should be avoided. Dry the browband thoroughly after cleaning or riding in the rain.

Check the brackets of the crystals regularly. If the small metal clamps have opened slightly single stones could get lost.

Chaballo recommends Schockemöhle Sports leather care, but any good quality products can be used. Ask about our special discount on Schockemöhle Sports care products when you buy a pair of Tonics boots, chaps or saddlery from us.

The Schockemöhle Sports care products explained:

Schockemöhle Sports Saddle Soap (cleaning)
Suitable for the initial cleaning of saddles, saddle straps or the middle part of breastplates. Products which have been cleaned with saddle soap require further and final care, e.g. with a leather balm. Some leather products should be lubricated less frequently (e.g. saddle straps). Therefore saddle soap should not be applied to these items too often.

Schockemöhle Sports Spray Soap (cleaning)
The ready-to-use spray soap can be applied precisely which makes it suitable for bridles and reins as well as stirrup leathers, girths and breastplates. The advantage of the spray soap is that the leather does not dry out as much as it does with classic saddle soap. You may finish the treatment with a leather balm. Stirrup leathers should not be greased; girths and reins only from time to time.

Schockemöhle Sports Leather Balm (care)
This leather conditioner contains bees wax and is best suited for the care of saddles. It should also be used for the care of heavily dried leather and after the use of saddle soap.

Schockemöhle Sports Leather Lotion (care)
The best care for bridles, reins and breastplates after the initial cleaning. It is moisturising, but not too greasy. If applied sparingly it can also be used for girths after cleaning.