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The reins you need to know about

April 21, 2020

The reins you need to know about

One of the hidden gems I have discovered in the Chaballo store are the Busse BIOTHANE REINS reins. I’m very fussy when it comes to my reins. They are an important line of communication with my horses and I don’t like to ride in anything that doesn’t suit me to a T. So when it comes to reins I spend a lot of time looking for the ‘Goldilocks’ fit — not too fat, not too thin, not to grippy, not slippery in the rain and good looks!

One day, looking through the rein section at Chaballo (in the way that one does, walking around, feeling up all the leather...), I came across the Busse Biothane reins. As someone, who really doesn’t like breaking in reins, the Biothane reins really spoke to my lazy side. They are soft, floppy and fit in my fingers beautifully (Goldilocks reins, is that you?). I did have a couple of question marks first; how would they stand up in the rain? Being so soft and flexible I also wondered how they would feel on a strong horse?

It certainly didn’t take long before they were put to the test in wet conditions and with a strong horse. I think it was our second competition using the reins when we were drenched in a torrential downpour at Mt Gambier. I was pleasantly surprised at how they stayed remarkably grippy in the wet; that combined with the sweat of a hot horse working hard, really proved how good they are.

The next test for how they handled a strong horse came when we had a surprise visit from our local kangaroo Steve on our home arena. As you can imagine that caused quite the explosive reaction and I can confidently say that these reins handle a strong horse very very well!

I recently bought a second pair for competition and training. With my first pair still going strong with no signs of wear after a couple of years of hard use I am looking forward to getting these reins on all my dressage bridles! 

Shop the Busse Biothane Reins here

Below: Busse Biothane reins contribute to a smart picture in the dressage arena at Werribee

Stephanie Hann
Below: A lot of rain to help test the grip of the Biothane reins in wet conditions

Riding in the rain


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