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The training roller FLEX FIT dispenses pressure with thick padding and is equipped with stable, wide and extra flat felt padding. The stainless steel withers bracket, with side parts that can be individually adjusted in angle, ensures optimal adaptation to the respective rib/withers arch of the horse. 

  • Made of leather
  • Can be used with a saddle cloth and all conventional lunging/training roller pads, can also be strapped over a saddle
  • Various options for passing reins, long reins and lunges through and for attaching all kinds of training aids to a total of 12 rings, divided per side:
    • 3 large D-rings at medium height
    • 1 extra-large D-ring at the bottom
    • 1 large, height-adjustable D-ring in the area of the girth straps
    • 1 stable eyelet (key) at the top
  • Can be assembled or disassembled for storage, only two combination-wrenches 13 mm are required: one to tighten, one to counter (not included)
  • Width: 13 cm
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