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  • The newest generation of Sprenger jointed stirrups
  • In perfect balance to set your leg in the correct position
  • Bow form and extra wide tread for perfect balance
  • Shock-absorbing and gentle on ligaments and joints
  • Supports the release of the foot in case of an accident
  • Hermetically sealed, water-protected stainless steel System-4 joint
  • Tread with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip
  • High breaking strength



The Flexcite stirrup design ensures a more comfortable leg position, the changed weight ratio on these stirrups results in enhanced balance and greater comfort for the rider. The widened tread is made out of two types of rubber properties which aids the shock absorbing properties as well as improving grip. 

The internationally renowned System 4 technology enables the stirrup to pivot in 4 directions which minimises the impact on the rider‘s cartilage and ligaments without creating an unstable feeling whilst riding. The stirrup design provides easy “pick up“ upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider’s part – a simple touch of the foot to the stirrup and it gently folds onto the rider’s foot.

How do I care for my Sprenger stirrups?
The Sprenger caring instructions for stirrups are similar to those for bits and spurs. You should regularly remove all kinds of dirt by cleaning them with water and dry them afterwards. When needed also use the Diamond Paste to bring the shine back to the metal.
A soft cloth and when necessary a bit of water are perfectly good for cleaning Sprenger stirrups and spurs.
The stirrup pads can easily be cleaned with a grooming brush after riding.
Jointed stirrups
Sprenger’s jointed stirrups have a Special developed “System 4” joint which is coated with a protective rubber layer. The rubber coat stabilises the moveable part of the stirrup and protects the joint from dirt, sand and humidity.
Please also regularly check the condition of the stirrups and the rubber coating. Especially after a fall of rider and/or horse or after hitting the wall or the jump-stand with the stirrup, you should check if the joint is still working properly. If you find any deformations or if the mobility of the joint is limited, for safety reasons please do not use the stirrup any further.
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