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Stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily

The uniquely curved mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew, salivate and relax the jaw. The eggbutt cheek supports the contact in the corners of the lips, keeping the mouthpiece a little more still, which can assist with horses that are fussy in the mouth. The centre join is angled forward like in the Sprenger KK Ultra. Note: the cheek design on this bit is more shaped like a traditional D-ring than a rounder eggbutt. The flatter sides against the horse's cheeks may give more directional control and clearer aids.

  • Material: Aurigan or Sensogan with Stainless Steel cheeks
  • FEI dressage legal
  • 14mm mouthpiece with 65mm rings
  • For ponies: 11.5cm size with smaller 55mm rings
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