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Frame/Foot-rest Colour
  • Proven to provide help with riding position, reduce strain on the leg muscles and joints and ease post-riding fatigue
  • Designed on the same concept as the Flex-on Aluminium stirrup but made from an organically sourced polyamide material
  • Easy to maintain, can be cleaned with water
  • Strong but lightweight frame (450g) using hi-tech design and polyamide composites with a steel core for strength
  • Perfect balance thanks to the clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot
  • Available with different footrests to support the ideal position for the rider's leg and foot:
    • Flat footrest
    • Inclined footrest
    • Mixed footrest (half flat & half inclined) 
  • The inclined and mixed footrests can be exchanged
  • Elastomer shock absorbers support the footbed and help absorb shocks and vibration  
  • Suitable for a wide range of riders and disciplines
  • ULTA GRIP: tread made from moulded POM with crimped, hardened steel pins

Custom orders: Flex-on stirrups can be ordered in a variety of colour combinations to match your personal preferences - contact us for more info

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