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  • Hoof boot to use over a hoof dressing for barefoot horses or in case of an abscess (click here for a video tutorial)
  • Protects the hoof wall and sole and enables safe turnout onto pasture
  • Provides a stable tread
  • Can be used for front and back hoofs, with our without shoes
  • Secure fit
  • Made of robust plastic, re-usable and breathable
  • Use only in combination with hoof dressing
  • Not suitable for riding
  • Use only with HORSECROCZ®-ties as they have a predetermined breaking point, that loosens the HORSECROCZ® in case of emergency.
  • Includes 10 ties (additional ties can be bought separately)
  • Measurements: S (9-13 cm), M (11.5-14 cm), L (14-20 cm)

(For the correct size: Measure the hoof at its maximum width and add 1 cm for the dressing. HORSECROCZ® does not have to cover the entire sole because the movable fingers provide additional space)

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