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Size Guide
  • Smooth and lightweight soft leather bridle
  • Perfected anatomical fit for direct but gentle control and precise aids
  • Ensures a steady position of the bit 
  • Short, softly padded noseband positioned on the bridge of the nose in order to minimise stress on sensitive nerve tracts, blood vessels and delicate bones
  • Additional top back strap and the chin strap ensure relieve for the mandibular branches and embrace the horse's head gently and safely
  • Maximal size adjustment and variability allow for ideal adaption to the anatomy of the individual horse's skull
  • Rounded poll piece, softly padded and divided to adapt to the limited space behind the ears
  • Elevated poll bridge with individual length adjustment for an optimal pressure distribution and reduction on the vertebraes
  • Made of soft leather with nylon inlay, therefore extremely smooth, soft and lightweight
  • Deliberately without throat lash to reduce weight
  • Noseband attached to headpiece via buckles on both sides
  • Curved browband with crystals
  • Hook studs, stainless steel fittings
  • Includes soft leather web reins with twice the amount of leather stops in small intervals for perfect grip and highly variable length of rein, with martingale sliders

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